Massages for relaxation, wellbeing and prevention - Masseur-Kinésithérapeute State degree (DE)

Massages present themselves in various types according to the patient's wish, to obtain a particular result or dictated by the overall condition of the patient: the masseur's hand must show flexibility andadapt to the treated area, the quality of skin tissues and the immediate sensitivity of the subject.

In the interest of obtaining a good result, it is advisable to propose sessions no shorter than an hour to allow enough time for the treatment of the entire body and therefore avoid a patchy effect linked to a too short session.

The massage must be performed initially on a correctly positioned subject (lumbar cushion, cushion under the feet, cervical unstrained) in a calm and pleasant environment encouraging relaxation within a frame of mind conscious and respectful of the person who has entrust herself to you: "primum non nocere..." (First do no harm).

A correct position for the therapist is also an essential requirement together with a technique of controlled breathing joining the strained breath of the patient who can then enter in a state of deep relaxation.

The care starts with treating the back and spinal axis, without forgetting the higher extremities such as the hands and the nape of the neck as well as the lower extremities such as the feet, therefore the whole neuro-musculo-skeletal system is considered during the treatment.
The side position is offering interesting options and alternative way to apply the treatment.  

The subject is turned over to allow access of the anterior side of the lower extremities, the abdomen, the latest having an essential role and is too often neglected (after allit is not only our meals that he has to digest but our worries too!) and of the thorax.

The massage of the nape of the neck, the face and cranium completes the care, whichends with a series of energeticstretching and brushing actions of the whole body.

The massage does not come in a pre-set format but evolves constantly through the encounters with the patient, each session being a new creation enhanced by the previous one and progressing towards obtaining the relaxation of the muscles and articulations, the revival of energy and the reinvestment in the body by the subject who has often in the past ignored and neglected it.

The massage combined with the other techniques explained hereafter, placed in a perpetual movement tailored to the needs of the subject.

Amma Massage

From the traditionnal Japonese "Kata", on an ergonomic chair, like David Palmer proposed  first  in the Silicon Valley , U.S.A.

Precise, quick and powerfull , the 20 minutes of the Amma Massage creates a deep relaxation and a quick energetic recovery.

Made  on a dresssed subject, in any place: it is the perfect massage for enterprises  or any events.


e-Mage is an help to fight against back problems: more informations:

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