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Nowadaysknown now under the name of lipo-aspiration, this method treat the surface and deep tissues of the skin and rest on the LPG technology (www.lpgsystems.biz) through the use of a powerful and evolutionary machine, created 15 year ago (in France!) the Cellu M6.
The machine consists of a "mass-roller-aspirer" mechanical systemwith motorized rollers controlled electronically and treat through the aspiration head of the machine.
In constant improvement regarding the capacity of the machine but also in regard of the methodology of care involved, Cellu M6 Key-module is the latest version of it and the one used in the practice, this machine only being accessible to masseur and physical therapist.
A training course for expert with physical therapist Andre Petit, specialist LPG for 10 years, has been proposed to the practionners already familiar with the Method. This allow to master the most refined uses developed by the team who created the machine :

Detailed assessment

It is carry out on a undressed and standing subject, over the three sides, with precise location of the zones to be treated and the program to be used according to the condition of the skin tissues.
For this treatment, the subject wears tights and is placed in a lying down position, which has the effect to erase any kind of defects.
Taking photographs are also systematically proposed to help the continue visualization of the treated areas all through the sessions.
A questionnaireaboutgeneral health condition, lifestyle, previous treatments and expectations of the subject is also essential for this process.
The results accompanying of detailed comments will allow establishing with the patients of some realistic and motivated goals.
A series of 10 to 15 meetings brought closer (2 to 3 per week), then a regular maintenance in the long term is desirable.

The session

Lasting 30 minutes and being of intensive nature.
The choice of the program, the intensity of the machine aspiration function and the head part used in the treatment is done according to the state of skin tissues, the sought-after goal (weight loss, draining, tissue lipolysis, re-toning the skin...), the sensitivity of the subject and treated area.
Both vary within the same session and from a session to another, in order to follow the progress of the result.

The constant improvement of the machine over 15 years has now made it possible to regulate a large variety of parameters in particular through the computerizedcontrol of the machine. But what is making the specificity of Cellu M6 (compared to other concurrent brands who have tried without success to imitate it) is the work through the motorized rollers:

Those are adjustable in their spacing, their speed and independent of their rotation, (synchronous, opposed, in a direction or another) as well as in the size of the chamber of aspiration, which has an immediate effect on the form, the movement, the size, and strength of the force of aspiration applied to the immobilized fold of skin.

The good adjustment of all these parameters, according to the results of the assessment, is one of the keys of the success of this particular treatment.


Also well sought of, they are pencil drawn on the specific LPG tights worn by the subject for the session.
They are outlining the direction taken by muscular fibers of the treated areas relying on the medical knowledge of the masseur-physical therapist.

The layouts (scan, radar, swing, rock'n'roll, pumpings, slipped…) are applied in succession at various speeds.

According to the program and responding to a coded pre-programmed succession which requires to re-position correctly the subject at every changes
Depending of the sought effects, it will be often requested of the subject to make some static contractions of the limbs against theresistance of the elastic straps with which the LPG tables are equipped.


Generally comprising a series of 10 to 15 close sessions (2 to 3 per week) in order to maximize the effects.

It is necessary to integrate the action of the machine as an active part of the total care of the patient in order to improve his lifestyle, eating habits, his sensitivity to stress, his energetic and digestive condition even his psychological context and using these information to minimize the effect of the filters operating against the efficiency of the machine.

Within this framework it is essential to propose a regular follow-up (I session every fortnight or month) allowing to stabilized the results and maybe improving them for the long term, avoiding the yoyo effects which is so prejudicial to the body.

The face

The care of the face is one great moment of relaxation and well being, which restore elasticity and bring a magic glow to the skin by draining and repairing in depth the skin tissues.
The various small aspiration heads, designed especially to adapt themselves to the reliefs of the face, stretch and visualizein depth the bottom of the skin furrow, softly attenuating the wrinkles .


The massage-rolling-aspiring quality of the Cellu M6 also allows many therapeutic and sporting applications, with a program adapted to each situation:
Relaxing back massages or limbs, alleviating tension on areas or specific points (trigger points) massage of the nape of the neck, cranium, arch of the foot etc.

The results obtained with work on scar tissues, at the early stage of inflammation or later is truly remarkable, lifting the cell adhesions and smoothing the keloids.

On the whole Cellu M6 " key module" is the essential complement of the work of the modern masseur-physical therapist, the innovated prolongation of his manual skill, which allows him to intervene effectively from the bone through all the various layers presented by the body: muscles, aponeurosis, joint and skin tissues.

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