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Quiet often the next technique during the course of the treatment but which requires (in my opinion) the preliminary action of the massage in order to carry out a true manual therapy.
Indeed the massage can bring in addition to the essential relaxation of the tissues, a good osteopathic handling and is used as preliminary test to other techniques.
Moreover the putting at rest of soft tissues surrounding the articulations help to avoid an accelerated return of the osteopathic lesion implying the almost total loss of flowing movement between the articular areas (joint play), that particular fluidity of movement is what the osteopath seeks to repair.

Structural osteopathy: technique aiming to restore complete mobility to the osseous parts of the dorsal articulations as well as the peripheral articulations of the limbs and the cranium.

The vertebral axis: the request for restoration of its integrity is a popular demand from the patients as this natural supporting pillar on which rest our overall structure has to combine stability and mobility and therefore is severely strained and is prone to pathology at all level, from the cervical trauma suffered by motorcycle’s users, the common sciatic nerve of the sedentary to the chronic backache of the secretary.

At all levels and according to the test carried out, techniques may vary but always in a non invasive and precise way, in particular in the positioning of the patient and the tension applied to the treated area, reducing thefast final thrust to a light and liberating movement.
Bringing back harmony to the structures, balancing the tensions, giving back the movement by respecting the total and complex links within the body, an holistic treatment which integrates the individual as a whole physical, psychic, even spiritual energy.

These structures are not only related to our bones but also include our internal organs such as the abdomen (intestines, liver, gallbladder, lung...), muscles (diaphragm) and aponevrotic (fascias).

The cranium whose osseous parts are (slightly) mobile, is a world in itself and when suffers of dysfunction affects the whole body.
It require a very specific kind of care (cranial listening in order to establish the primary respiratory movement creating by the rhythm of inflection-extension of the cranium and propagated itself through the whole body:
cranio-sacre movement), with the release of the joining of various osseous parts and restoration of the movement in each bones of the cranium and theface as well as the release of the sinuses.
These fluidic techniques require a particular tact and a specialized formation.
They are particularly indicated in preventive and therapeutic measures dedicated to babies.

This subtle approach is joined to the techniques of Chinese energetic techniques also associated as part of the treatment.

Chinese medicine

Its concept is very different from our western medicine and increasingly perceived as a valuable complement to our traditional practice.

Of course its aim is to be therapeutic but also preventive, the goal being to maintain the energy balance of the subject, assuring a good organic health and avoiding the occurrence of the disease.

It therefore requires the knowledge of the flow of energy through the body, of its operating rules and the effective means to resume its circulation by invigorating the lack and by dispersing the excess.

The quality of this energy depends on individual qualities (ancestral energy received at birth) but also through the food, which is the first form of medication in Chinese medicine.

The enabling of the movement of energy is carried out through physical and breathing exercises of different kind (yoga, tai-chi, chi-gong, aikido…) ,naturaland individualized self-treatment of which the study and the practice will be explained hereafter.

In manual therapy, knowledge of the meridian lines and the energy circulating through their length, joining the cutaneous surface to the organic depth in a complex and interdependent circuit, presenting through their course, active points and creating from their interrelationship a new dimension to the treatment, the educated hand of the masseur permanently integrating them in his actions.

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