Postural work: yoga-relieving- awakening of corporal consciousness

This next stage is the essential complement and follows the actions of the massage and of the osteopathy:it represents the possibility for the subject totake care of himself through the learning of basic postures and the understanding of good attitude in the practice.

This can be taught through individual session following the manual therapy to enable a tailored breathing control technique and a minimum of corporal awareness, according to the individual needs.
Key work continues in small group (8 participants maximum) with a longer duration (1h30) allowing the progressive development of various postures and exercises

The session is made of relaxation-breathing-listening of the body exercises, followed by a soft warm up and some stretching of the musculo-articular groups in the body with a progress in according to the ability of oneself towards the most elaborate postures of yoga (union of the body and mind) which requires an awareness of the movementand the coordination of the demands: Permanent relaxation, control of the vertebral axis, control of the breathing, awareness of our own centre, the Hara.

The course progression varies and includes exercises in pair, techniques of massage or stretching, exercises of Japanese and Chinese energetic.
This includes the knowledge of correct movement and motion (motion yoga) allowing the 360 degrees space control and the coordination of movements, alone or with a partner.

Well-conducted postural work out is dedicated to the muscles and joints, but also to the other essential systems of the body: respiratory, digestive, circulatory, nervous, endocrinal, mental and spiritual.

Elaborated techniques of breathing and concentration are also integrated into to the sessions.

The joy of (re)-discovering the freedom and effectiveness of the movement of the body (falling, getting up) without fear, the put in motion and balance of energy in the body and mind to enable the movement are the operating points of this method so called of rejuvenation.

The real autonomy and progression of the patient will be successful when he will integrate the routine in his everyday life, regular exercise carried out on the morning at home will allow a dramatic change in the physical posture and mental attitude through the day, the new personal feeling of wellbeing resulting in a wider open attitude to the others.

For the Children

Postural practice is specifically indicated in the treatment of children, at an age when the transformation of the body related to the growth involves a permanent change in its balance and strained by tension.

When the young person is discovering his body, it is not always easy to take conscience of it in a fine and right manner; this discovery must be supported by a precise and methodical education to fight as early as possible frequent bad habits.

Bad posture adopted at school, round and sluggish backs, static scoliosis or linked to carry awkwardly a too heavy load for their age (school bags!!!), psychologically withdrawn and turn into themselves, lack of confidence, all these elements can contribute to create an unbalanced static which can gradually progress to impairing the adult stage and after the senior years.

We can defy the above negative effects with the keys of posture, breathing, relaxation and control of the body acquired during the younger years which will be the pledge of an adult who is comfortable within its own body and looking towards an harmonious ageing process.

The fight against ageing

Whatare the chosen weapons to prevent ageing which has become a crucial problem in our societies?

Indeed how to benefit from the additional years offered to us by the medical advances if pain, blocking, joint and muscle stiffness limit the mobility of the growing old subject?

Only regular practice at an early stage and taught by a therapist who is able to judge with precise details the mobility abilities of the patient, can help to maintain longer a body in which it is pleasant to live in and move with.

In testimony to the statement above, we can relate the assiduity and the perseverance of our oldest patients from whom the weekly session - even if it requires a certain effort - has an outcome of a comfortable week ahead.

At home

All the treatments suggested are available for home care with the exception of the endermology care with the LPG technique, as it requires the use of a machine, which cannot be transported.


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